Wrapping around to Spring Street and up to an open-air mezzanine, 1 Denison is home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars and cafés –
 creating a vibrant atmosphere from early morning until late into the night.

Destination dining


Located on Mezzanine Level

Follow the flowing lines of Kristian Hawker’s mesmerising mural as it leads you past our wine wall—home to 2,500 iconic wines from Australia, Italy and South America. Arrive in our light-filled restaurant featuring an open kitchen – with charcoal josper and hearth.

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Located in The Lobby

Brought to you by the team behind The Grounds of Alexandria, BarLume will provide quality dining by day and a lively bar atmosphere by evening.

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Bourke Street Bakery

Opening Soon

Bourke Street Bakery use their hands, dedication, and love to create delicious pastries, breads, and other baked goods. Whether you're looking for a breakfast treat on the way to work or a quick and satisfying lunch, Bourke Street Bakery has something for you.


Relaxing Cafe

A go-to for a quick and tasty meal or refreshing cup of coffee, whether you're meeting with clients, colleagues, or friends at 1 Dennison.

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Cali Press

Located on Denison Street

Cali Press is here to build a culture of health – never compromising on finding the best produce to go into their wholefoods, pressed juices, smoothies and more.


Missing Spoon

Located on Denison Street

The upper North Shore's newest neighbourhood gem, Missing Spoon serves up a dynamic menu packed full of flavour with a Korean-Japanese influence.


SixNature Thai

Located on Denison St

Capturing the fresh flavours and rich aromas of Thai cuisine, SixNature Thai is your go-to for hearty curries, noodle soups and stir fries.


Located on Denison Street

Standing for all things that are good, Stacked have taken the world’s most popular sandwiches and crafted the best possible version of each, made fresh right in front of you.


Well Foods Kitchen

Located on Spring Street

Be nourished by healthy and honest fare. Well Foods Kitchen lovingly prepares pita pockets, healthy bowls and all things wholesome.

Inspiration at work

At the core of 1 Denison, we are incubating creativity. Curating engaging, ever-changing spaces, we will inspire creative thinking, productivity, and liveliness for all.

Chroma Haze

Located in the through site link of 1 Denison, Chroma Haze by Nike Savvas is a major public artwork for North Sydney. Its screens of brightly coloured totems align with a mathematical equation to invoke optical phenomena - activating the surrounding urban landscape as a live experience.

Digital artworks

Showcasing the convergence between technology and art, purpose-built motion pieces will be displayed on 1 Denison lobby screens and change on a quarterly basis. These works will explore themes such as 'Growth' and 'Networks' and inject colour and movement throughout the lobby.

Lobby exhibitions

1 Denison will also feature quarterly exhibitions in the lobby space, ranging from showcasing historic archives to modern art prizes. Tenants will have exclusive access to program launches, artist talks and charity auctions.


Your new

Throughout the year, several community events will be held for the tenants of 1 Denison. Spanning sustainability, diversity and innovation as well as arts and entertainment, these activities are designed in consultation and collaboration with the building owner, tenants and retailers.


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